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School Profile

Excellence through Effort 

Hardisty is on the cutting edge of education. As the first middle school in Edmonton to allow students to bring their own laptops into the building, Hardisty has made a clear commitment to incorporating technology as a tool to enhance all curricular areas. As such, Hardisty has two traditional computer labs, one mobile laptop lab, four sets of Notebooks and each classroom is equipped with the most up-to-date technology available, such as LCD projectors, SMART Boards, and a robust wireless network with laptops available for students who may not have their own.

Hardisty's commitment to excellence is seen through the efforts of our teachers and students to put these unique opportunities to use. Hardisty is proud to have a vibrant and energetic staff and a student body who endeavors to do their very best. Hardisty strives to be ever learning and improving, to provide diverse and varied programs, to build high-functioning and collaborative teacher teams, and above all to provide an environment where student learning is the focus.

Culture of Diligence

At Hardisty, we believe that teacher learning drives student learning. Hardisty teachers are committed to sharpening their professional skills and passing the benefits of their knowledge to their students. Working in diligent collaboration instead of in isolation allows Hardisty teachers to become stronger and more capable of making quality educational decisions for students.

The basis of this culture of diligence is the belief that to be successful in school each student must come to class on time with all required materials and a positive attitude, diligently finish all homework and be prepared to work with classmates to develop positive, respectful relationships.


Respect, Responsibility and Relationships

These are not just words; they are a daily reality.  At Hardisty, our goal is to create and maintain a positive culture as each individual - teacher and student alike - upholds their part in giving respect, taking responsibility and building relationships.

We are a strong, diverse and caring community that we invite you to call "home." To learn more about Hardisty School or to register your child, please call us at 780.469.0426.