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Logos Christian Program

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Mission Statement

That students are taught in a spiritually nurturing, intellectually challenging and disciplined environment, acquire the knowledge, attitudes, skills and training necessary to seek after "whatsoever things are true." That, sustained by Christ's teachings and God's love, students may develop binding commitments to their families, neighbours, country and the global community while leading moral, healthy and productive lives.

The Logos Christian Program is an Edmonton Public Schools alternative program from year K-9. Logos is a fully funded (no tuition) alternative program. Instruction is provided in a Christian environment grounded in Christian principles with a strong academic focus.


Alberta Curriculum
The Logos Program follows the Alberta Program of Studies. Teaching of the knowledge, skills and attitudes is done within a Christian context. A Christian viewpoint to issues and topics from all curriculum areas is provided an links are made between the concepts being taught and the Bible teachings on that concept.

Bible-Based Program
The LOGOS CHRISTIAN PROGRAM further sustains the Christian environment through daily activities such as morning prayers, Bible readings, songs and assemblies with a Christian perspective. Memorization of scripture is encouraged and is a key part of the nurturing and spiritually sustaining nature of the program. Religious instruction is not a part of the Logos program.

High Academic Standards
In preparing our students for an effective Christian lifestyle, it is imperative that they are given an opportunity to learn in an environment that provides for the highest of standards, not only in a biblical sense, but also from an academic perspective. There is a strong expectation that students are willing to work and seek to achieve academic excellence. Daily homework and study is an expectation.

Parental Involvement
There is a strong expectation that parents will be committed to the program and its educational principles, goals, methods and practices. They are expected to provide encouragement for their child and work cooperatively with the teachers to maintain a challenging, disciplined learning environment. Parents are asked to to sign a parental commitment of support for the mission statement and objectives of this program.

Positive behaviour is expected of all students in the LOGOS CHRISTIAN PROGRAM and this expectation is reinforced by the staff. The central focus is on loving God and loving one another. Discipline of students is within a Christian context. Links are made to Christ's teachings in situations where poor choices have been made. Prayer is a part of the discipline process.

Focus on Technology
It is our goal to create classroom environments that are stimulating and high-tech in nature. This will ensure that each student understands a variety of computer programs and can easily apply this knowledge to every-day assignments, thus giving him/her the competitive edge as a student and later on in the work place.

Students will not only encounter computer programs of an academic nature, but will also gain biblical knowledge through the use of Christian computer programs.

Principals and teachers have been chosen on the basis of their support for the objectives of the LOGOS CHRISTIAN PROGRAM.

There are no tuition fees for the LOGOS CHRISTIAN PROGRAM within the Edmonton Public Schools.

For more information on Edmonton Logos Society, please click the link: https://christianprogram.ca/