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Individual Support Program (ISP) and Interactions Program (INT)

The Hardisty K-9 School Individual Support Program (ISP) assists students with severe to profound developmental delays who may also experience physical, sensory or behavioural challenges or medical conditions.  Students participate in programming to gain functional skills that enhance their quality of life.

Students benefit from a positive, supportive and structured learning environment with programming tailored to meet their special education needs. Individual Support classrooms provide students with the structure, regular routines and close, constant supervision that they need. Students are supported in smaller sized classes by teachers and educational assistants with training and experience in special education. Classrooms are wheelchair accessible and provide students with adaptive equipment, furniture and assistive technology. In addition to program staff, a team of service providers and community agency supports can be available to meet student needs. Students are grouped into classes with other students of approximately the same age.

Individual Support programming focuses on building each student’s skills, promoting participating in school activities and enhancing quality of life. Students learn and practice skills that are important for community, social interaction, self-management and for personal pursuits. Programming builds foundational skills and concepts selected from the Alberta Program of Studies.

Interactions programming (INT) supports students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) from grades 7 to 9.  This classroom offers small numbers and a variety of supports, including highly structured activities and routines, a variety of sensory resources, and hands-on, concrete examples. The goals of instruction and support in this classroom setting work to ensure that each student will:

1.  Demonstrate growth in communication skills

2.  Demonstrate growth in building and maintaining relationships, and understanding social situations.

3.  Demonstrate growth in managing frustration and problem-solving

4.  Improve their ability to handle change or challenging emotions (e.g., anxiety)

5.  Develop like skills to support independent living and employment


Extensions Elementary/Jr High

Extensions programming supports students with advanced intellectual abilities in a flexible learning environment that matches academic needs, abilities and goals.  Enrichment is tailored to student strengths and interests and all students are challenged to achieve their potential.  A psychological assessment and other criteria must be met prior to registration, please contact Hardisty.