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Kindergarten to 9 Community Program

Hardisty K-9 School is pleased to offer a traditional community Kindergarten to grade nine program.
Our programming goal is to ensure that each child’s different learning needs are met while integrated into a mainstream learning environment. Our highly skilled and award winning teaching staff will supplement the learning requirements of each student by integrating the substantial technology we have on site. We believe with proper supports from teachers, coupled with clear learning goals, students are able to do well in their studies and our school achievement record is proving our theory is working well for students in our program. Students with learning difficulties need timely supports; keeping students in regular classes with proper one to one support from teachers throughout the week is proving very beneficial for our students. This approach to supplemental learning is less disruptive, more inclusive and has received tremendous positive reviews.

We believe teacher learning drives student learning. In collaboration, Hardisty teachers constantly hone their professional skills and pass on what they know to their students. We know that when teachers work collaboratively rather than in isolation, it makes them stronger and more capable of making quality educational decisions for Hardisty students. When teachers collaborate to plan for instruction and student assessment, they constantly improve what they are doing. They also stay current with research-based best practices that assist students in their learning.

We use a variety of learning and programming strategies and take strong advantage of using technology as a tool throughout all curricula. Due to our collaborative structure as a school, all teachers are responsible for the learning of our students and our intervention is systemic involving a team of teachers, not simply the responsibility of teachers working in isolation. Regular, ongoing monitoring of progress and accurate data records of classroom formative assessments allows teachers to closely monitor students learning. At Hardisty we provide time and space for sharing of successes and challenges, which increases the individual teacher and collective staff’s efficacy in achieving success. Processes for reflection of progress can include one on ones, standing agenda items for grade level, divisional, and/or department meetings etc. or dialogue and discussion in teams organized by kinds of interventions used. We are very serious about the teaching and learning process and look forward to helping your child succeed.